About Simon

Simon Wilson has a love for designing and making furniture. He started his career as a furniture maker many moons ago as an apprentice at Jimmy Possum Furniture.

Gaining another level of experience at another local furniture company, he was confident that he could produce quality pieces of his own design.

Simon Wilson Furniture began in 2010 and has created and delivered many beautiful and sustainable pieces of furniture to many homes and businesses.

Keeping it sustainable

New Timber

All new hardwood timber is sourced from a Melbourne based timber supplier brittonstimber.com.au – where they source the wood from sustainably managed temperate forests of North West Tasmania. Sustainability is achieved through compliance with the Forest Practises Code and Regional Forest Agreement.

Recycled Timber

Recycled Australian hardwood is currently used to make 70% of our furniture. The timber is sourced from local demolition yards which are pulling down houses, bridges, churches, sporting grounds from the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s.

Simon Wilson Furniture doesn’t use materials that aren’t sustainably sourced and Simon personally asks the timber companies this question. You can rest assured that your custom piece of furniture from Simon Wilson Furniture won’t affect Australian rain forests in the future.